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At Skin Wellness Center, we are committed to diagnosing and treating a wide array of skin conditions, and to making sure that your concerns are taken seriously. At our practice we can help you evaluate and diagnose diseases of the skin, hair, lips, and mouth to improve your overall health. Our services include:

We also treat the following skin conditions:

When you are faced with any type of skin problem or irritation, turn to our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Melanie Haynes and Nurse Practitioner, Howard Hirschfield. If you have a suspicious mole, rash, or have noticed a change to your skin that is causing you concern, please request an appointment today. We aim to improve the health of your skin and the overall health of your body.

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If you live in Pinellas Park, Florida or the surrounding area, schedule medical dermatology appointments at Skin Wellness Center. Whether you want to schedule your yearly skin exam or you want a dermatologist to take a look at your child’s skin condition, we can help. Request an appointment online or call (727) 545-3376 to meet with our knowledge, friendly, and compassionate staff.

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