What is Janus Skin Analysis?

Janus Skin Analysis is a state-of-the-art facial imaging system that can accurately determine the condition of your skin (both at and below the surface). At Skin Wellness Center, Janus-II facial diagnosis is a complimentary service that we provide during your cosmetic consultation. Using this technology, we can fully understand your unique complexion profile and offer customized skin care products and services that are perfect for your skin.

What does Janus Skin Analysis provide?

The Janus-II digital diagnosis system can determine your skin’s condition and provide a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of your complexion. The system uses a camera to take pictures of your face under three lighting conditions: normal, polarized, and ultraviolet (UV). We will use the system’s multi-spectral imaging and analysis to provide you with a clear portrait of the aspects of your complexion that contribute to your overall appearance. With this information as a guide, we will create a personalized skin treatment program that will give you the best results.

How does Janus-II work?

The three photos of Janus Skin Analysis

The Janus-II uses a 14 megapixel Canon camera to take pictures of your face under three lighting conditions: 1) normal for your skin texture, pores, and wrinkles, 2) polarized, which captures pigmentation and acne, and 3) UV, for measuring sebum, porphyrin, pigmentation, and keratin. These images are then analyzed by software to compare different aspects of your skin against a database of thousands of people for differences in the condition of your pores, skin tone, wrinkles, UV damage, pigmentation, and more.

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