An in-depth look at what happens after your MiraDry treatment. 


Directly following the treatment, patients typically notice distinct marks on the skin, similar to mild bruising. This is due to the suction from the handpiece and is nothing to worry about. 

Additionally, there’ll be an initial swelling in the underarm area (partly because of the local anesthetic used during the procedure). This swelling tends to increase slightly in the hours following the treatment.

Use small, specialized ice packs and OTC pain medications to manage swelling and discomfort in the underarm area intermittently over the next couple of days.

The first few days: 

The swelling experienced post-treatment typically follows three phases. The first is from the local anesthetic, which the body processes and eliminates. The second phase involves swelling due to the heat application and suction from the MiraDry device. Lastly, the treated sweat glands themselves undergo swelling and inflammation.

Because of the third phase, the treated area might feel slightly lumpy, akin to small nodules under the skin, gradually diminishing as the body’s natural processes break down the affected sweat glands.

Day One: Immediately after leaving the clinic, patients often feel a sense of fullness in the treated area. The immediate cessation of sweating is a notable change.

Day Two and Beyond: The swelling might peak on day two or three, with puffiness in the underarms and potentially extending to the shoulder area. While mild discomfort may be present, it can typically be managed with over-the-counter pain relief.

The First Week:

By the third day, the swelling from the anesthetic starts to subside significantly, along with any initial tenderness and skin marking. Most patients can resume light exercise and normal activities, taking care to avoid excessive strain on the treated area.

Inflammation at this point should become less noticeable (except when pressure is applied). The sensation of small lumps may still be present and is a common experience. Some individuals may experience a unique sensation, referred to as “tight banding,” where the underarm area feels unusually tight, extending down the arm. This is typically a temporary effect of the treatment and resolves with gentle stretching and massage over a week or so, but feel free to give us a call if you’re concerned. 

One Month and Beyond:

By the end of the first month, most side effects, including the sensation of lumps, have largely resolved. The significant reduction in sweat production and odor is the new norm, profoundly impacting your daily life and social interactions.

Three months post-treatment: Any residual effects are usually gone. This is also the point where the need for the 2nd treatment is discussed and scheduled.

A well-defined and easy recovery process is the hallmark of the post-MiraDry procedure. While individual experiences may vary slightly, the overwhelming majority of patients report a significantly improved quality of life, free from the anxiety and limitations previously imposed by excessive sweating.

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