As the days get longer, the sun gets stronger. March brings with it daylight savings and higher temperatures, but that also means more time outdoors and as a result, more sweat. Excessive sweat can feel embarrassing or shameful no matter the cause, but there are ways to help reduce and prevent perspiration. 

Here are a few causes of excessive sweating and how you can prevent it: 

Your Deodorant

If you’ve been using the same deodorant for years,  it’s time to change it up. The body can actually become immune to the same formula, adapting by producing more sweat in the body’s other glands leaving you sweatier in all the wrong places. Switching up your deodorant brand every six months helps prevent resistance. 

Additionally, be sure to put on your antiperspirant at night for the best results. Your body temperature drops during your sleep cycle which means you sweat less and thus your glands are less active, leading to better deodorant absorption.

Your Diet 

Certain foods cause you to sweat more; that’s a fact. If your diet is high in fatty, salty, and processed foods you’re likely to perspire at a higher frequency. However, it’s not just the expected “bad” foods that lead to extra sweat: Garlic, onions, spicy food, and high-protein foods can also lead to excess. Even caffeine consumption has been linked to more sweating. 

On the other hand, staying hydrated and consuming fruits and vegetables with high water content like tomatoes and spinach can help you sweat less. Bananas and almonds are also great choices to curb perspiration. 

Your Mood

A sneaky, but powerful factor that could lead to more sweat is stress and anxiety. Take notice of the times you’re sweating. Is it only during particularly strenuous moments? The more you’re on edge, the more likely it is to show in the form of sweat. Take time to relax and reset with meditation and intentional breathing. 

Whether you’re looking into the above causes, or have tried everything, one of our favorite ways to guarantee less sweat is miraDry. 

miraDry is an FDA-approved solution to excessive sweating. It works by safely eliminating sweat and odor glands using heat via thermal energy. The body has over 2 million sweat glands and only 2% are found in your underarms, making getting rid of them completely safe. Your body will still be able to cool itself down, but it won’t be able to produce sweat in the underarm area. Once the sweat and odor glands are destroyed, they’re gone for good. 

This means no more embarrassing odor or stains. miraDry is quick, permanent, and non-invasive, making it the perfect choice for those who have tried everything. 

Don’t sweat it or wait until the peak of summer to make a change. Give us a call today and see if miraDry is the right solution for you: (727) 545-3376.

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