We’re living in unprecedented times without a guideline. COVID-19 has impacted the nation as a whole, Skin Wellness Center included. Although we may not be able to see you face-to-face, for the time being, we are now offering video TeleDerm appointments to ensure that you are receiving care for all of your skin condition concerns and needs. 

During these visits, we are able to check out your skin via video or photo and look at acne, rashes, lesions, suspicious spots, moles, and more. From there we will be able to diagnose the condition, recommend a course of action and prescribe medication as needed while offering advice for the best way to manage. 

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your visit:

  • Find a quiet, private place with good lighting and good internet connection
  • Be prepared! Write down all of your questions ahead of time
  • Make sure you test volume levels, microphone, and camera ability ahead of your appointment.
  • Have a flashlight available if needed for better visibility.
  • Take high-quality pictures

Following these guidelines will make for a seamless visit, allowing you to feel heard and like you were able to receive high-quality care — something we pride ourselves deeply on.

Although this may be a new experience for many of our patients, this type of flexibility will allow us to continue our practice. In fact, most video appointments are covered by insurance — making it a great alternative to an in-office experience. While it may seem a bit odd at first, our experienced staff is here to help you feel comfortable throughout the experience through guaranteed privacy, follow-up visits, as well as prescriptions and refills needed for most conditions.

Additionally, one of the benefits of a TeleDerm visit is that they can be scheduled on the same day: This means less waiting and more one-on-one with the doctor.

List of conditions that we are able to treat over video:

If you’re curious and have questions or you’re ready to schedule your video appointment please call our office at (727) 545-3376. We look forward to caring for you! 

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