The market is saturated with supposed “acne cures.” Over-the-counter creams and serums often claim to eliminate pimples, reduce flare-ups, and heal acne scars. However, for many people, these claims, unfortunately, don’t hold. That’s because many of these creams are “one-size-fits-all” and don’t address skin needs on an individual basis. AviClear is different.

AviClear is a standout device in the battle against acne. This isn’t an OTC cream, nor is it even a medical-grade cream. Rather, this is a laser device that targets acne at its source, clearing your acne in as little as one session and giving you the beautiful skin you deserve. So, how does it work? How long do treatments take? And, most importantly, what results can you expect? We’re here to answer these and other questions.

AviClear Acne Treatment Overview

The AviClear system is revolutionary because it’s the first and only FDA-cleared energy device for treating mild, moderate, and severe acne. Treatment sessions with AviClear take only 30 minutes to perform and deliver results that rival Accutane (isotretinoin) prescription medication. 

Most importantly, this laser device achieves these potent results without the use of chemicals and with no toxic side effects. Little-to-no downtime is needed after a session; in most cases, you should be able to return to the rest of your day right after a visit.

The Benefits of AviClear Over Acne Creams

It’s common not to see results when relying on traditional creams to treat acne. Most creams are estimated to require 4-6 weeks of application before they start working. After this point, their effectiveness becomes questionable. If you don’t see any benefits from the daily application after this time, you need to switch medications.

The process of finding a treatment that fits is often “wait and see” – an approach that you’re undoubtedly frustrated by. With AviClear, you no longer have to wait and guess why your treatment isn’t working. This laser device sometimes delivers visible changes in as little as one session. The best part? There’s no mess or need to shop for new creams after treatment.

Results and Recovery Time

While some benefits can be seen in as little as a single session, several sessions may be needed to get the best results. In clinical trials, AviClear treatments have demonstrated an impressive reduction in current and future breakouts among participants.

The laser is precise and features a unique delivery system that is non-invasive and causes little, if any, discomfort during the process. Thanks to its precision, AviClear does not harm the surrounding skin; instead, it directly concentrates its heat on your acne and delivers excellent results without any added damage.

How to Learn More and Get Started

If you’re struggling with acne and are tired of cycling through ineffective creams, it may be time to try AviClear. This laser treatment can make a major difference in the look and feel of your skin.

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