February is a time to celebrate love in all forms — and we’re choosing to celebrate self-love! One of our favorite treatments to treat yourself to is filler. However, not all dermal fillers were created equal. Here’s why Belotero Balance is our Valentine this month. 

Unlike Botox — a neurotoxin that freezes the nerves surrounding the treated area — injectable fillers smooth out the treated area by instead filling in the skin. (Hence the name “filler.’)

The active ingredient found in dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a naturally-occurring substance found in the skin. 

As you age, your body loses the hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body. Additionally, our bones get thinner, causing deeper folds at the bottoms of the cheeks that result in a sagging appearance. It’s all part of the natural and normal aging process. Still, Belotero Balance is able to address these pain points efficiently and seamlessly. 

Injected, HA-filler restores plumpness and replenishes your body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. One injection lasts around six months and will add volume and decrease wrinkles depending on the injection site. (The exact length of time you can expect your filler to last is dependent on how much you get, and how your body responds to the injection.)

Hyaluronic acid has the ability to store moisture and gives skin that plump, hydrated look. Once injected the HA in Belotero Balance will fill and smooth wrinkles, drooping areas, or even add definition to an existing area. It’s a multi-functional procedure that is sure to boost your confidence.

Belotero Balance is different than other dermal fillers because of the unique manufacturing process: the soft, cohesive gel allows for versatility in treatment areas. It’s cross-functional enough to handle smile lines, but still gentle enough to treat delicate areas such as the thin lines above and around the lips. 

When it comes to actual injection, you’ll certainly feel some pressure, and expect to feel sore afterward, but we’ll also provide a numbing cream ahead of time to ensure a comfortable experience. Expect the injection area to look a bit swollen following the treatment, but after a few days, the swelling will subside and you’ll be able to assess your new look. 

Since Belotero Balance works immediately, you won’t need to wait long for your final aesthetic to be revealed.

A diverse filler, Belotero Balance is the perfect treatment to show yourself the love you deserve or to treat a loved one. To learn more or to book your appointment give us a call at (727) 545-3376 or schedule online today!

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