Adjusting from an in-office experience to full-time remote work can come with quite a few roadblocks. However, as we continue to social distance, it’s imperative for many workers to make the shift. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for working from home to help you stay happy and healthy.

Set a work schedule and stick to it

With nowhere to be and no commuting, it can be tempting to extend work past traditional office hours. To stay grounded and content, do your best to work only during your typical hours. After you’ve “clocked out” for the day, be sure to turn off your computer so you’re not tempted to log back on or respond to any after-hours emails. 

Designate a workspace

Following that sentiment, be sure to have a specific area where you work if you can. Having a stable “go-to” area will help you switch into work mode and make it easier to walk away once the day is over. Be sure to choose an area that you don’t associate with relaxation. If you work on the couch, you may start associating the couch with work! 

Go for walks and take breaks

Taking a walk around the block is a great way to boost your mood, take a break, and become inspired. Sitting all day in the same spot can be tedious and overwhelming. Similar to coffee breaks, or water-cooler chatter, getting up and getting out can make all the difference. The sun offers mood-boosting vitamin D, and getting the blood flowing with a stroll can help you stay in shape.

Get dressed

It can be tempting to stay in bed all day and work from your pajamas. While we can all see the appeal of this, it’s not advised for productivity. Getting up and dressed as though you were going to an office is the best way to stay on track. Better yet? Keep your routine as close to normal as possible. Wake up at a similar time, make coffee, eat breakfast — whatever your personal routine may be, don’t break it simply because you’re not going into a physical office. 

Overcommunicate and be kind

Whether you are messaging all day on Slack or email or are on back-to-back Zoom conference calls with your coworkers, communication is critical. Be sure to let others know your needs, and reach out for help as needed. Asking questions and ensuring clarity on all tasks will allow coworkers to feel heard and allow them to feel confident, making for smoother day-to-day routines for all involved. On that note, be sure to be kind to yourself. It can be a huge adjustment and there are no set in stone guidelines for what works best. Be sure to extend that kindness to others as well.

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