What is Microneedling with RF?

Microneedling with RF (radio frequency) energy is the ultimate way to treat deep wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, and improve the texture of your skin.* Radio frequency triggers the body’s natural healing process to promote new collagen production in the skin. This leads to natural skin rejuvenation for your face and body.* At Skin Wellness Center, we use the EndyMed RF Microneedle device to give our clients smoother, more youthful skin.* EndyMed’s RF Microneedle handpiece uses smooth glide needle insertion technology, which provides safe and comfortable treatments without bleeding, bruising, or side effects.

How does EndyMed work?

EndyMed’s FDA-approved technology delivers short, consistent pulses of RF energy through several, tiny microneedles that penetrate the skin. The heat targets multiple layers of the dermis for ultimate skin remodeling. With enhanced heating volume, new collagen production is also stimulated, which leads to firmer, more elastic, and more hydrated skin.* As new collagen continues to generate, you’ll see improved results as the weeks go by.*

What can I expect from microneedling?

Before the procedure, we will apply a numbing cream to the targeted skin for your comfort. During treatment, the microneedling handpiece will move over your skin and create micro-channels of stimulation. Most of our patients describe it as feeling similar to sandpaper moving gently across the skin. You will feel temporary warmth from the RF energy, but it will be tolerable. After treatment, your skin may appear red and look similar to a sunburn but this will quickly fade.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients have different aesthetic goals, but optimal results are usually seen after a series of 3-4 treatments.* You can schedule treatments every two weeks.

When will I see results?

Some of our patients see visible results after a few weeks, but a majority of our patients see significant results after 3-6 months.* With collagen-inducing treatments, your skin will continue to improve over time for up to a year.*

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