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BOTOX® for Dynamic Lines

BOTOX | Sculptra Pinellas Park FLExpression lines are formed by the dynamic movement of facial muscles. This type of facial "wrinkle" is typically best treated with Botox injections. Botox injection is a simple procedure with results occurring within 5-10 days and lasting 4 - 6 months. Expression lines of the upper half of the face are ideal for Botox.  The efficacy of botox is directly related to the concentration of product delivered and the placement of the injection sites. Understanding the anatomy and dynamics of facial muscles is imperative to give the ideal result. You can feel assured that your expectation will be met with our doctor's expertise. For deeper lines and wrinkles at rest, a combination of Botox with a filler may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

Fillers for Lines and Furrows

These lines are due to the loss of skin elasticity and volume over time. Common areas of concern are the nasolabial folds, marionette lines (extending down from the angles of the mouth, and lip lines).  There are various filler products that are offered at SWC and the appropriate filler is suggested based on the area of concern. Combinations of fillers may need to be used for optimal results. Augmentation of the lip due to volume loss is an ideal area to utilize fillers. For a NATURAL appearance to "reverse time" and look refreshed, call our office for a consultation. Information on our fillers is listed below:

BOTOX | Sculptra Pinellas Park FL
BOTOX | Sculptra Pinellas Park FL
BOTOX | Sculptra Pinellas Park FL
BOTOX | Sculptra Pinellas Park FL

Sculptra to "Revolumize and Lift"

BOTOX | Sculptra Pinellas Park FLSculptra has been referred to as the "liquid facelift". It is a unique product injected in a series of treatment every 6-8 weeks stimulating your collagen to give a natural and gradual refreshed appearance. With aging, the dermis (collagen) thins, fat pads diminish, and bony structures of the face are reabsorbed. Proper injection of Sculptra targets these physiological changes thereby giving back the youthful facial fullness and lifting tissues back toward the central face. Surgery does not replace volume so Sculptra can be used in conjunction with a face-lift when excessive skin needs to be removed first. Sculptra is the perfect alternative for those who do not want a surgical procedure and may well be a better choice for some. The amount of sculptra sessions is dependent upon the age of the patient and the amount of revolumization and lifting that is desired. Sculptra is the most natural correction offered because it is your collagen doing the work. Dr. Haynes has been performing Sculptra procedures since the introduction of this product years ago. For more information please see the link above and check out our "before and after" photos.

Texture Refining Procedures

BOTOX | Sculptra Pinellas Park FLAny procedure that exfoliates the skin to the depth that collagen is stimulated is improving skin texture and tone.  There are a variety of ways to achieve this and the intensity and degree of change is determined by the depth of penetration.  Procedures with no down time range from light peels, microdermabrasion, and HydraFacials®. Excellent results are achieved when done in a series or in combination.  Please refer to our esthetics menu for more information on these procedures.

Photodynamic Therapy with Levulan is a medium depth texture refining procedure with some down time. Although this procedure is mostly utilized for medical purposes to treat precancerous change, it has other benefits of improving acne, rosacea, and for cosmetic purposes by medium depth exfoliation and stimulating collagen. Levulan is a photosensitizing agent applied typically one hour prior to activation with our red/blue LED light source. The activation process can range from no discomfort to a fairly intense burning sensation that eases when finished. An intense "sunburn" type reaction is the desired goal and some tenderness and discomfort is expected. Staying strictly indoors and avoiding significant light sources are recommended to avoid reactivation of the Levulan for 48 hours. Most people are completely healed in 1 week. Post treatment care is reviewed in detailed and recommended products can be purchased at checkout.

*People with a history of fever blisters need to be treated starting prior to the procedure as a preventative measure.

Portrait Skin Regeneration System (Portrait PSR3) from Energist is a skin retexturizing or resurfacing procedure for deeper lines, wrinkles and scarring. Plasma energy is used to heat stimulate collagen resulting in new dermal collagen formation, tightening, and epidermal resurfacing.  This procedure is comparable to laser resurfacing except the skin is not ablated therefore no oozing or bleeding and less incidence of scarring or pigmentation alterations. The downtime is dependent on the energy setting necessary to achieve desired results. The recovery time is 1- 2 weeks with redness lasting up to one month. Immediate results are obvious after healing and collagen remodeling occurs up to 12 months after treatment. Your in-depth consultation will detail all instructions for before, during, and after the procedure. Pricing is determined based on treatment area and power setting.

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